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Top 10 Best Rides For Adults at Disneyland

1. Space Mountain

A roller-coaster in the dark. it just doesn’t get any better than that! If you’re a frequent visitor to the park, Disneyland has also been known to change the ride around every so often. For example, during Halloween time, Space Mountain takes on a eerie theme with Ghost Galaxy (HIGHLY recommended). Check out the video below:

2. Indiana Jones

As a child of the 80s, this ride was an easy chart topper on my list. Snakes, skeletons, FIRE and fast-action jeep driving. Plus, the line that leads up the ride is amazing. The entire experience is top-notch.

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This roller-coaster is super fun and FAST! Easily one of my favorites at Disneyland.

4. Splash Mountain

If you’re a little toasty and would like to cool off, hit up Splash Mountain. it’s a great mixture of roller-coaster and sing-a-long interaction.

Watch this Splash Mountain commercial from the 1980s – the ride still is the same!

5. Haunted Mansion

It’s a haunted mansion! Ghosts, inescapable rooms and then a relaxing ride through the dark, creepy house.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean

A favorite of mine since I was little, Pirates of the Caribbean takes you through an intricately designed experience similar to the Indiana Jones Adventure. If you’re a fan of Johnny Depp, extra points, because he’s all over this ride!

7. Mad Tea Party

Pack a couple people in a huge cup and let it spin! This thing is a blast.

Watch Alice and the Mad Hatter take a spin:

8. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

This one is great for you competitive-types. Also, once you’re done, you can email yourself (for FREE) a photo that was taken of you during the ride! very cool.

9. Autopia

Yes. I know this ride is for kids and involves little slow-moving cars. Regardless, this one is fun! Hope in with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or friend and have at the Autopia track. Also, dont forget to check out the CARS pre-show.

10. Matterhorn Boblsleds
It hurts flying around the Matterhorn. But, if you’re up to it, hop in a bobsled! Note: There are two sides to this ride. The right side is longer. The left side is shorter but a little more exciting (more drops).

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